I’ve had the pleasure of working with Norbu over the last few years, tallying almost 3 months of time with him in Bhutan. His knowledge of the vocalizations and habits of all of the rarest and most sought-after birds in the country is without parallel. In fact, he has personally been responsible for finding locations for many species that, a few years ago, were never even seen by most groups visiting the country.

He has also researched and recorded the vocalizations of many of the species of Bhutan. And his recordings for some of the rarest species reside in Cornell’s Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds and xeno canto, including several species not before represented in their collection.

Of equal importance, Norbu has shown incredible energy and passion for making sure every guest has the pleasure of seeing all of the target birds for each location. I have seen him spend many extra hours, even in difficult conditions, searching for trogons or wren-babblers, just to be sure everyone had a chance to see these amazing species.

And finally, he has a great knowledge of the history and culture of Bhutan, and contributes this important and valuable background to every group he serves. This knowledge extends to the infrastructure and logistics of the country. And he has always worked very hard to ensure all of his clients have the most comfortable and smoothest experience possible.

When visiting any country it is important to support that country’s own people, ensuring the resources needed to conserve and explore the culture and environment stay in the country as much as possible. Working with Norbu fills these criteria. And you also gain the benefit of traveling with one of the most knowledgeable and experienced Bhutan bird guides from anywhere in the world.

Tom StephensonAuthor, The Warbler Guide New York USA