Thank you so much for your kind arrangement for our trip. Professional birding, nice view of Bhutan, perfect and unique hotel… Nick and I, we enjoyed a lot. We would like to come back again.

We found many new species birds, nice valley, and spectacular festival. People are hospitable. I love the religion and culture in Bhutan.

You are so so so so lucky that you were born and live in such amazing and magic country.

Our guide Mr. Sherab and our driver Mr. Dorji, they were so excellent. I really wanna say, both of them are professional and dedicated. If possible, next time we might organize a family trip to Bhutan again, we would like to meet you and Sherab and Dorji again.

I have many many words to say, but just don’t know where to start, it’s an impressive and memorable trip.

Many thanks again for your careful and considerate arrangement and Mr. Sherab and Mr. Dorji’s service.

Sissi Wang (BD Director)BLANC Trading and Consulting Beijing, China