We have just returned from a superb 17 days tailored bird watching / culture trip. Off to Bhutan did a fabulous job tailoring our trip to include many top birding locations, cultural places and rafting (our special request). Norbu helped us plan our trip with recommendations, special arrangements and advice.

We were met in Guwahati (India) by our guide, Sherab and commenced our trip from the east travelling west to Paro. Sherab is a very experienced birding guide, allowing us to see over 250 birds including the endemic target species, a Himalayan black bear and the 3 langur species, making sure we always got the best view and photography opportunity. Sherab generously shared Buddhist and Bhutanese insights, explaining many cultural aspects during our trip, and we always felt he went out of his way to make our trip as effortless and comfortable as possible.

Our driver was also excellent, we always felt safe given the roads were under construction – narrow, unpaved in sections and with larger drops next to the road.

In every single hotel we have stayed, Off to Bhutan reserved the best room for us.

If you are considering if or if not you should travel to Bhutan – GO.  It is a gem in the Himalayas, rich in culture and history, with spectacular scenery  (in higher altitudes literally breathtaking) and rich flora and fauna.  We would definitely recommend Off to Bhutan to anyone who considers travelling to Bhutan.

Philippa Curran & Kai Geisselhart(philippa.curran@gmail.com) Australia