Upon returning home this week, I’m filled with gratitude for the excellence and kindness of my wonderful bird guide, Pema, and skilled driver, Om. With an eagle’s eyesight, Pema would notice the flea on a monkey’s eyelash in the dark! And as Om expertly navigated past large trucks on one-lane, ice-coated roads with sheer drop-offs and no guardrails, I never once felt unsafe! Tour agency founder and senior guide, Norbu, handled my pre-trip inquiries and trip arrangements (including obtaining my visa and airline tickets). Everything he said regarding expected costs was accurate. What brought me to his company was his detailed responses to my questions in the first place. He was also responsible for setting me up to bird with these two wonderful men, Pema and Om. We saw a total of 110 bird species in a week in what could be considered “off-season!” On top of the amazing birding, Pema identified gorgeous flora (only for a few trees or flowers did he “have to get back to me” with the name and always did) and spotted a Eurasian Otter, Assam Macaques, an Orange-bellied Squirrel, and a Himalayan Yellow-throated Martin. We visited spectacular temples (where I always felt welcomed), forts, and stupas, and stayed in exquisite resorts with fantastic views. Everything about my trip through “Wild Nature Quest” was top rate and I cannot wait to visit again! When I do, I will be requesting Pema and Om again!

Lynn ZechiedrichUnited State