Hi Norbu, I just want to let you know that our trip has been wonderful. The birding has been exceptional with 268 species so far for me and nearly all of the iconic birds of Bhutan found and viewed.

Tshering is an exceptional birding guide with an unbelievable ability to find and identify birds from sight and calls. He is friendly helpful and speaks perfect English. Moreover is skillful at dealing with requests and is full of suggestions for every occasion. Having now met Sherab and Pema we feel that we are very fortunate in having Tshering as our guide. Tenzin is equally as talented and has a lovely sense of humor and is tireless in helping us and driving safely

Tharchin, Kkengs, Sonam, Milka, and Dorji have also been wonderful preparing the food and setting up camp and deserve our feel appreciation as they tirelessly helped us and assisted with all of the jobs to make our trip such a success but also such a fun filled and enjoyable time.

In summary we have a fantastically successful and enjoyable birding trip and found out an amazing amount about the people and culture of Bhutan with a guide and crew who are second to none

Mark Delany, Australia