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Bhutan lies in the remote eastern Himalayas and has been blessed with very rich biodiversity. With the Royal Government’s commitment to environmental preservation complemented by the Buddhist inhabitants’ deep respect for nature, the Bhutan of today is one of the world’s top ten global biological hotspots, boasting many types of rare and exotic flora and fauna. The country ranks amongst the top ten percent in the world in terms of highest species density (species richness per unit area), and it also has the largest proportion of protected land area, with about 26.23% of the country’s area designated as national parks.

Bhutan also enjoys a reputation as a bird watcher’s paradise. 675 species of birds have been confirmed in Bhutan, including 19 species listed by Birdlife International as globally threatened and 12 as near threatened.

Bird watching in Bhutan is a relatively new concept, and most birding tours are lead by foreign tour guides who may not be fully and intimately familiar with the native habitat.

In contrast, Off to Bhutan takes pride in having a team of experienced and professional local bird-watching guides. Our guides have the hands-on knowledge that allows them to locate some of the best places that house rare species, including the Wren Babblers, Laughing Thrushes, and other species in Bhutan. We also specialize in bird song recording and have a large library, including the songs donated to Cornell University (USA) and xeno canto. In addition to excellent birding knowledge, our guides also have a strong understanding of local cultures and traditions, as well as a good command of the English language.


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