Black-headed Shrike Babbler

Other Parks in Bhutan

Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary (278 sq km; 107 sq miles), Sakten Wildlife Sanctuary (650 sq km; 251 sq miles), Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary (273 sq km; 105 sq miles), and Torsa Strict Nature Reserve (561 sq km; 217 sq miles)

Detailed biodiversity data are not yet available for these preserves, so bird species richness in these areas remains unknown. However, unofficial observations in these protected areas suggest the presence of abundant wildlife. The Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary covers forest in subtropical zones and is known to support a wide range of mammalian life. The Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary covers similar habitat in eastern Bhutan, and the Sakten Wildlife Sanctuary covers the entire range from warm broadleaf forests to the Alpine zone.

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