Geographical Setting

Bhutan covers an area of 38,394 sq km (14,824 sq ft.), roughly the size of Switzerland, but the country has a small population of less the 1 million inhabitants. Thus, opportunities for peace and solitude in a striking mountain setting are unrivalled. Lying in the eastern Himalayas, Bhutan’s topography is almost completely mountainous, with steep slopes and altitudes varying from 150 m (492 ft.) to 7,500 m (24,600 ft.) within a distance of less than 100 km (62 miles). The northern border of Bhutan lies in the main Himalayan chain on the southern edge of the Tibetan plateau. Some of Bhutan’s most famous peaks include Jumolhari at 7,314 m (24,000 ft.) and Gangkhar Puensum at 7,570 m (24,840 ft). In the south, the Bhutan/India border follows the line where the foothills meet the Indian plains; only a few narrow strips of the plains overlap into Bhutan.

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