Scarlet Finch

Bhutan Birds Photo Tours

Off to Bhutan is a ground tour operator in Bhutan specializing in wildlife and bird watching tours. At Off to Bhutan, we offer the finest native bird photography and natural history photography tours in the country. At our company, we strive to foster the public perception of the value of pristine Bhutanese natural environment and preserving them for our future generations.

On our birding and wildlife photography tours we commit to deliver the best photographs of the many species of birds and wildlife in their magnificent natural habitat. We maintain consistent trails during our tours that enable us to invest sufficient time to take better photographs and not necessarily record the number. When taking photographs quality sighting is necessary and that is what we aim for.

Tours can be arranged as per your demand however on most occasions we assign a professional birding guide to assist you in finding and identifying your bird. The main focus of these tours remains bird photography however wildlife in general and beautiful landscapes is part of the whole adventure.

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