Bhutan Custom Tours

We believe that bird watching is an adventurous journey filled with a lot of excitement; thrill and the satisfaction of finding your bird while at the same time you make new friends with the same kind of interest across the world. While many have taken this up as their profession, most people go for bird watching simply because of its their ‘passion.’ And, we are here to tell you that we strongly share the same passion and we want to give you the best bird watching experience in Bhutan.

Since we started our company, we have been adaptable and flexible with most of our tours each year. Each year we lead several personalized tours covering most areas of our scheduled tour packages as well as other areas depending on the interest of our new friends. This has enabled us to grow over the years and really be able to understand individual needs for each of our guests.

If there are any specific birds, locations or other things that you feel are not included in our tour packages or you just can’t take time off during one of our designed tour dates or any other matter, do not be disappointed. Whether you intend to travel alone, in a group or by your family with a specific bird list, we assure you that we have the experience to create a well-crafted customized itinerary that will best suit your requirements.

Our well crafted customized tours led by our experienced guides has allowed us to assist many of our friends to realize their passion for bird watching and witness pristine environment to an exotic destination like Bhutan.

Just get in touch with us and let’s get started in creating your itinerary!