Bhutan Alpine Habitats

Dry alpine scrub grows between 4,000 m (13,120 ft.) and 4,600 m (15,090 ft.). Only a small number of bird species breed in this high-altitude scrub and on alpine grassy and stony slopes and ridges higher up. These include the high elevation pheasants such as Tibetan Snowcock (Tetraogallus tibetnus) and Snow Partridge (Lerwa Lerwa) Alpine Accentor (Prunella collaris), and Blue-fronted Redstart (Phoenicurus frontalias). Furthermore, rugged country above the treeline is the domain of Golden Eagle (Aquila Chrysaetos) and Lammergeier (Gypaetus barbatus). Above 4600 m (15091 ft) there is little or no vegetation, the landscape being dominated by rocks, glaciers, and permanent snowfields. Even so, there is birdlife, with Grandala (Grandala coelicolor), Red-fronted Rosefinch (Carpodacus puniceus) and, in summer Alpine Accentor (Prunella collaris) and Rosy Pipit (Anthus roseatus) occurring here. The permanent snowline is located at 4800 m (15748 ft) – 5000 m (16404 ft), and more or less marks the limit of bird occurrence.

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