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Butterfly Tours

Alongside the country’s rich cultural heritage and flourishing natural habitat comprising a diverse range of wildlife and bird species, Bhutan is also a prominent destination for butterfly watching. It is estimated that Bhutan has around 800-900 species of butterfly including species like ‘Bhutan Glory’ and ‘Kaiser-I-Hind’, which are internationally protected by the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

Owing to the distinctive range of habitats in the country, from subtropical in the south to alpine in the north, Bhutan presents a vast array of habitat niches for butterflies. It is an excellent representation to find both Indo-Malayan and Palaearctic species.

Across Bhutan offers new opportunities for butterfly enthusiasts with our additional service of Butterfly Watching tours. Here, we take you through a tour that presents a wide range of amazing butterfly species all around the country. Together with you, we are looking forward to exploring and admiring these colorful creatures amidst Bhutan’s fascinating landscape.

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