First Citizen Birders of Bhutan Meeting

 Godlewski’s bunting

Sighting of Godlewski’s Bunting

 Japan Bird Festival

Off to Bhutan at Japan Bird Festival

Bhutan Birding

Quality Birding in Bhutan

Off to Bhutan is your partner in the search for many of the Himalayas’ most enigmatic and elusive bird species. As birders ourselves, we share in your sense of excitement with each sighting, and in return, we offer you our unparalleled knowledge of key habitats and recognition of the calls of native species.

Scheduled Departure Tour 2018

Scheduled Departure Tour 2018

Bird watching in Bhutan is a relatively new concept, and most birding tours are lead by foreign tour guides who may not be fully and intimately familiar with the native habitat.

Bird Photography Tour

Bird Photography Tour

Off to Bhutan is a ground tour operator in Bhutan specializing in wildlife and bird watching tours. At Off to Bhutan, we offer the finest native bird photography and natural history photography tours in the country.

Budget Tours

Budget Tours

Thinking about planning a bird watching tour to the acclaimed land of the happiness and well-preserved environment, Bhutan? Contemplating on the expenses involved and not sure how to go about this?

Custom Tours

Custom Tours

We believe that bird watching is an adventurous journey filled with a lot of excitement; thrill and the satisfaction of finding your bird while at the same time you make new friends with the same kind of interest across the world.

Our Team

Our Team

Off to Bhutan takes pride in having a team of experienced and professional local bird-watching guides. Our guides have the hands-on knowledge that allows them to locate some of the best places that house rare species, including the Wren Babblers, Laughingthrushes, and other species in Bhutan.

Birding Trip Reports

Birding Trip Reports

During the day we had many stops, Norbu?s window open as we drove along, his attuned ears and sharp eyesight locating any feeding flocks. Notable species and all seen well, included Mountain Bulbuls, Blackeared Shrike-babblers, Rusty-fronted Barwings, several Small and one female Large Niltava...

Client Testimonials

Steve and Sue Gantlett

/ Birding World, Norfolk United Kingdom

Norbu is undoubtedly Bhutan’s top birder and, with now 15 Years of experience leading birders, he knows all the key sites really well and, Importantly, he is hot on the calls for locating all the scarcer species. He is also extremely good company and tirelessly helpful. I recommend him most highly.

Andrew and Rachael Raine

/ Suffolk UK

Norbu was a great guide and we would have no hesitation in recommending him to any keen birder visiting Bhutan. He was extremely knowledgeable on the calls and had an intimate knowledge of all the Country’s birding sites and specifically he knew exactly where all the key species occurred.

Tom Stephenson

Author, bird guide / New York USA

Of equal importance, Norbu has shown incredible energy and passion for making sure every guest has the pleasure of seeing all of the target birds for each location. I have seen him spend many extra hours, even in difficult conditions, searching for trogons or wren-babblers...

Fang Sher Chyet and party

/ Singapore

Our trip was a mixture of cultural visits and birding, we spent a couple of days visiting the beautiful Dzongs at Paro and Thimpu and were fortunate to attend the famous Paro Festival. Our guide, Sherab and the driver were excellent and they went out their ways and took good care of us.

Rab Shand

Field Surveyor and Marine Specialist / Scotland

We spent ten days birding with Norbu who was an excellent birder with extensive knowledge of Bhutan’s birds and culture. His eyesight and hearing was amazing finding us many birds we might not have seen. He is a very friendly, interesting guy and very good company...